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Our Vision

I dreamed of doing something completely different. I imagined a brand that would meet everybody’s needs, regardless of their age, of their skin type or skin condition, of their lifestyle, wishes and desires.

I wanted to create a brand as pure as possible and effective, that fully respects the skin, for all skin types.


A simple yet revolutionary idea

Etat Pur originated from a paradox. Modern cosmetics industry has developed into an overkill of products and active ingredients, false promises, and all-in-one miracle solutions, leaving us often disappointed and unable to find effective solutions.

Dermatology tells us that it is not necessary – and even harmful – to apply active ingredients on the skin, when it does not need it. Any action leads to a reaction, a source of consequences that may arise from uncontrolled mixtures.

To avoid over-treating the skin, we started off with a simple yet revolutionary idea – we would separate the active ingredients from everyday skincare products to nourish the skin with only what it needs.

Skin in its purest state

Pure Skincare

Containing no active ingredients, to cleanse and moisturise the skin every day, strengthening its natural resources and keeping it healthy. A routine that supports and strengthens any skin.

Pure Actives

To complement the skincare products, for targeted treatment of temporary skin issues. The ingredients are in concentrations proven to be the most effective, and they’re used only where and when needed.