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Is there any alcohol in your products?

Some of our products do contain plant origin wheat alcohol at very low concentration (approximately 2%). It is essential to ensure that each formula has a good microbiological stability and optimal penetration of active ingredients. The alcohol used within ETAT PUR products does not penetrate or disrupt the skin barrier and instead acts as a carrier for active ingredients and creates safe, temporary microscopic openings in the lipid bilayer allowing the active ingredients to penetrate before the alcohol evaporates and the channels close.
While we use airless containers, pump bottles or tubes, alcohol is sometimes essential to effectively protect some of the formulas. It was a deliberate choice not to use any preservatives such as parabens or phenoxyethanol.
Rest assured, there is no reason for concern with reactive or sensitive skins: at such low concentration, it evaporates quickly upon application and does not penetrate the skin. This is why all our products have an excellent tolerance profile and were designed for the most delicate and sensitive skins.