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Citric acid is particularly effective on dull skins with dilated pores and minor imperfections. The ideal skin care to regain a luminous complexion!

Citric acid, skin radiance rescued by nature

Do you suffer from dilated pores, spots and an uneven complexion? Has stress or pollution dulled your skin? Citric acid is one of those molecules that rejuvenate the skin, known for both their astringent (tightening) and keratolytic (exfoliating) properties. It not only smoothes the skin, but it refines the texture and minimises any residual blemishes. In addition, citric acid works in record time, but the active ingredient must be of superior quality. This is why Etat Pur chose the highest quality citric acid and formulated it at the exact dose needed in order to deliver the desired results for your skin without compromising skin tolerance.

Citric acid origin

AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids) are fruit acids. They can come from various sources: natural, synthetic or biotechnology. There are various types in the AHA family: glycolic, lactic… and citric acids. Citric acid is found in high amounts in fruits such as strawberries, oranges, pineapples, currents… and of course, lemons. It was Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Schelle, that first identified citric acid in lemons back in the 18th century.

However, nowadays, citric acid is not produced from lemons in its industrial form, but by biotechnology (which is the case in our Pure Active) or by using black aspergilla (Aspergillus niger) a fungus occurring at the surface of fruits and vegetables during fermentation.

Citric acid represents a major industry with approximately 1.8 million tons produced each year, for cosmetic use but also for other sectors. This cosmetic is especially recommended for its keratolytic property and its ability to boost facial skin radiance by gently removing dead skin cells from the surface that can contribute to a dull appearance.

The dual effect of citric acid: keratolytic and astringent

Why are cosmetic companies so fond citric acid? It is one of the most effective natural molecules to rescue dull complexions, blotchy skin tones and blemishes.

  • Citric acid boosts cell renewal and dead-cell elimination. Skin becomes smoother and more radiant
  • It tightens dilated pores and refines skin texture for a luminous and less dull complexion
  • It can also be used to help stabalise the pH of a formula, ensuring it is suitable for use on the skin and won’t compromise the skin’s barrier function

These benefits mean it is an ideal ingredient for skins concerned with microcysts and other small imperfections like enlarged pores or uneven skin texture. Citric acid also helps reducing minor superficial pigmented acne scarring – its discreet peeling effect literally offers a second skin!

How to break free from dull complexion and dilated pores with citric acid?

Dull complexion, tired features or the emergence of small imperfections can all be signs that your skin lost its ability to renew and repair itself. In this instance, a citric acid product in the form of cream, serum, or chemical peeling is recommended.

Etat Pur’s Pure Active Citric Acid 26% offers the exact dosage to ensure the best balance between superior efficacy and optimal skin tolerance.  Our formulation can be used in complete safety. We recommend an initial ‘shock’ treatment over 4 consecutive days to treat dilated pores. Thereafter, use your product twice per week only, for a period of 1 month.

Citric acid can have a photosensitive effect on the face; it is therefore not recommended to use it in the morning, or before sun exposure without adequate sun protection. It is efficient on its own and not recommended to use in combination with other acids such as salicylic or glycolic. Evening application is preferable, on dry and carefully cleansed skin, before applying any other regular skin care.

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