What skincare is best for you? Carry out a skin diagnosis


Skin Diagnosis

Let’s get to know one another first (1/4)
Are you…
We’d like to know a little more about your lifestyle and your habits (2/4)
How would you describe your lifestyle?
If I were to look in your bathroom, I’d see…
You’d describe your beauty routine as…
Do you wear make-up?
Between you and me, if you were to have a vice, it would be…
Now let’s talk about your relationship with your skin (3/4)
How does your skin feel right now?
In general, your skin is
Texture is important too. What kind of product texture do you like?
Lastly, let’s tackle your objectives. (4/4)
Whatever your skin type, the first objective is to hydrate it well to take care of it. How is your hydration?
Tick the following objectives in the order of your priorities for your skin
What kinds of marks?
What kinds of shine?
What kinds of wrinkles?
Are you interested in any of these subjects?

Calculating results…

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